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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Valuation of Hang Seng Bank: drivers behind growth potentialChen, Dawn Si Ting (陳斯鋌); Hu, Echo Zhi Jue (胡稚珏); Wu, Elaine Ye Yang (吳業揚); Zhang, Louise Lu (張璐)
2014VCS revision notifyierWong, King Yu
2004A vehicle tracking system based on embedded linux with GPS and GPRS communicationChow, Kin Wah
2003Verifying digital signingLau, Hok Keung
2018Vertical Jump Height Prediction with Upper-limb Counter-movement, Pre-jump Knee-Flexion and Approaching Distance in Volleyball PlayersChu, Ho Man Jason
2006Victimization and depression in Hong Kong adolescents: the effects of social supportCheung, Chiu Chung
2004Video analysis and shot-boundary detectionHui, Man
2014Video based Health Monitor Apps for mobile devices(iOS)Wong, Cheuk To
2017A Video Broadcast Control System using Raspberry Pi IP CamerasPang, Siu Fung
2006Video communication buffer model (ASTRI)Leung, Kenneth Wa Sang
2003Video player on mobile device using J2MENg, Chun Kwong
2006A video security and remote monitoring systemNg, Tsz San
2006A video security and remote monitoring systemLi, Man Ki (李文基)
2005Video streaming and web applications on AnyServerLee, Wai Kit
2011Video-mail ServerLeung, Pan
2017Video-Sense: Content-based Video Copy Detection SystemLau, Kin Wai
2004VIPZONEGeng, Chunya (耿春亞); Xiao, Hui (肖慧); Zhou, Wenqun (周文群); Hu, Peifeng; Jin, Xing; Liu, Ning
2011Virtual Campus Navigation of Android Smart Phone ApplicationTse, Hiu Yeung (謝曉陽)
2015Virtual Clay Modeling using AutoCAD and Leap MotionHa, For Yu
21-Jan-2011A Virtual Construction Materials and Mechanics LaboratoryTang, Patrick Wai-ching