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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Stylometric Query Processing using Deep LearningTungare, Ninad
Jun-2004Successful CRM implementation beyond softwareLam, Joy Lai Ki (林麗琦)
21-Jan-2011Summer Study Tour 200701/19/2011: Animation Tour in JapanWong, Julius Chin-pang
2012Super-hard coatings with materials based on ternary AlMgB matricesTsang, Mei Ka (曾美嘉)
21-Jan-2011Supplemental Instruction SchemePoon, Margaret C C
2009Supply chain management systemNg, Wing Ki
9-May-2014Supporting a Hybrid Language CourseWong, Hebe Mei-ha
Jul-2015Supporting undergraduate research: recommending personalized research projects to undergraduatesLiu, Yang; Ma, Jian; Du, Wei; Yang, C.; Hua, Z.
2006SureDelivery crypto systemLiang, Li (梁櫟)
2012Surfing notesHe, Sisi
2005Surveillance system using 3G mobile phoneChan, Yat Sun
2013Sustainable development: Why gender mattersWong, Oi Mei (王愛媚)
2007Sustainable Packaging for Maxim's FastfoodChan, Esther So sum (陳素心)
Mar-2015SwampMan, Chun Yip (文駿業)
Aug-2005Symbol recognition using bipartite transformation distance and angular distribution alignmentFeng, Min; Zhang, Wan; Liu, Wenyin
2012Symbol synchronization in OFDMCheung, Chi Ho (張志豪)
2014Symbol Synchronization in OFDM SystemsTsang, Ka Hei Kelvin
2008Symbolic melodic similarity using proportional transportation distanceLeung, Ho Man
May-2016Synaptic plasticity of interlamellar CA1 network in the hippocampusTetteh, Hannah
2016Synchronization of Commonly Driven Semiconductor Laser in ChaosMehra, Anantika