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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Transceiver strategy for distributed wireless systems for cellular communicationsCheng, Man Sang
2014Transformer-isolated LED lamp driverLam, Wai Kei
2015Transition design for active SIW componentsWang, Yaochen (王耀辰)
10-Mar-2016Translation as Affordance for Computational Creative WritingHowe, Daniel C.
2007Translation-based digital image stabilization techniquesChum, Wing Keung
Jul-2005Transmission characteristics of long-period waveguide grating couplersBai, Yukun; Chiang, Kin Seng
2015Transmission techniques for MIMO systemsLi, Kaijian
2008Transmitter optimization for wireless multiple-antenna systemsLau, Kin Ho
Jul-2015A transparent water dielectric antennaLuk, K. M.; Li, Yujian (李雨健)
2016Transparent Water Patch AntennaDeng, Jingwen
2011Transsexual marriage, same sex marriage and civil partnership in Hong KongAu, Lut Chi (歐律治)
2005Trapped in the internet: internet addiction among Hong Kong teenagersChau, Vennie Ven Yan
Oct-2016Travel maker (Forexchange)Wong, Tsz Chung (王子聰); So, Tak Chun (蘇德俊); Liu, For Chun (廖科俊); Lam, Chi Ki (林熾奇); Lai, Ka Wo (黎家和)
2016Travel Time Prediction using Data Analysis and Performance Evaluation of different System ArchitecturesKhan, Sohail Yar
2005Traveling incognitoHu, Chunyan (胡春燕)
2011A Traveller Planning SystemChiu, Lik Hang Eric
2010Tri-Band Bandpass Filter Incorporating CMRCZhou, Shu Fan
2010Triac-dimmable LED light bulb designChan, Kin Chung
2004Triangular dielectric-loaded monopole antennaTam, Lok Man
2012Trinity (891 HK)Chan, Chi Hing Denny (陳志興); Mang, Yun Sun George (孟潤燊); Yuen, Kin Chung Kenny (阮建中); Cheng, Lap Yin Peter (鄭立言)