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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Synthesis and application of TiO₂ nanotube-based functional materialsLiang, Fengxia (梁鳳霞)
2011Synthesis and applications of porous silicon-based functional materialsCheng, Hua ( 程化)
2008Synthesis and characterization of building blocks and polynuclear complexes of ruthenium, osmium and manganeseGuo, Junfang (郭俊芳)
2004Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotubes using plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositionWong, Wing Kwong (黃永光)
2004Synthesis and characterization of cubic boron nitrideChan, Ka Man (陳嘉文)
2004Synthesis and characterization of GaN/ZnS nanomaterialsLiu, Ji (刘佶)
2009Synthesis and characterization of group 4 complexes and olefin polymerization catalysts supported by chelating σ-aryl ligandsLo, Chun Yu (勞鎮宇)
2010Synthesis and characterization of hierarchically nanostructured ZnO for photocatalytic and optoelectronic applicationsTong, Yanhua (童豔花)
2008Synthesis and characterization of II-IV group and silicon related nanomaterialsIsmathullakhan, Shafiq
2006Synthesis and characterization of paramagnetic building blocks and polynuclear compounds containing FeIII, CrIII, RuIII and OsIIILau, Pui Ha (劉佩霞)
2008Synthesis and characterization of ruthenium complexes as redox mediators of biosensorsKwong, Hoi Ki (鄺凱琦)
2007Synthesis and Characterization of Silicon Nanowires and Silicon Nanowire Based Field Effect TransistorXiang, Jing Lei (項京雷)
2012Synthesis and investigation of novel phosphorus and nitrogen-containing compounds and their flame retardancy polystyreneTai, Qilong (台启龙)
2000Synthesis and patterned growth on one-dimensional materialLai, Hau-ling (黎巧玲)
2010The synthesis and photovoltaic applications of silicon and II-VI semiconductor nanowire arraysSong, Haisheng (宋海勝)
2006Synthesis and spectroscopy of high and low symmetry lanthanide complexesZhou, Xianju (周賢菊)
2010Synthesis and studies of enzyme inhibitors for protein prenylationQiao, Yuqin (喬玉琴)
2012Synthesis and study of AlMgB composite filmsYan, Ce (嚴冊)
2012Synthesis, band gap engineering and photovoltaic applications of multinary semiconductor nanowire/nanocable arraysXu, Jun (許俊)
2011Synthesis, doping and device applications of II-VI semiconductor nanowiresCao, Yulin ( 曹喻霖)

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