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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2010Power Amplifier Linearization by Source Harmonic Termination OptimizationWang, Dian (王典)
2004Power aware computing systemsTse, Ka Lok
2012Power structure in contemporary Hong Kong: A case study of “Initial statutory minimum wage rate settlement” in 2010Kwong, Ying Ho (鄺英豪)
2015PPG signal analysis to find out the heat beat rateHo, Cheuk Hong
2013PPS Payment Application on AndroidSiu, Ting Fung
2013Practice evaluation report: A social skills training group for people with severe-grade mental handicapHo, Maria Assunta Ching Chi (何晴知)
2014Practice evaluation report: a social support group for caregivers of dementia elderlyLam, Leo Cham Him (林湛謙)
2009The pragmatic development of hedging in EFL learnersYu, Shengming (余盛明)
2014Precoder design for MIMO systems over spatially correlated Ricean fading channelsZhang, Lin (張琳)
2014Precoder design with statistical channel state information over MIMO Rician channelsLuo, Zhen (羅臻)
2007Preconditioning iterative algorithms for electromagnetic scattering from large cavitiesWang, Yingxi (王應璽)
2006Predicting job performance of customer service representatives at offshore call centers with the big five personality inventoryLee, Sandy Mun Kay
2008Predicting job satisfaction with cultural self identity and organizational culture among Chinese employees in Hong KongKwan, Tat Shing (關逹成)
2007Predicting Organization Citizenship Behavior of Financial Institute Employees with Big Five Personality Factor and Organizational ValuesChan, Ching Fai (陳澄輝)
2014Prediction and verification of the glass forming ability in bulk metallic glasses : an atomistic approachYu, Chunyan (于春燕)
2013Predictive design of functional molecules and nanomaterials using ab initio molecular dynamics and electronic structure theoriesLi, Yu (李煜)
2005Prefetching approach for multi-player online game engine (Infoislive Corporation)Lee, Hung Yan
2001Preliminary development of automated rapid tooling process by metal arc spraying incorporated with STL file : investigation of surface roughness and dimensional accuracy of sprayLau, Chi Chiu (劉智超)
2000The preparation and characterization of inorganix membranesShi, Li (施力)
2009Preparation and characterization of spray dried inclusion complex between andrographolide and cyclodextrinsLai, Wai Ping (賴慧冰)

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