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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20072.45GHz PA/LNA/switch/antenna front-endHo, Kin Lun
2010The 2008 Economic Tsunami in Hong Kong: The Way Young and Middle Adults Cope with Stress, and the Influence of Demographic Factors and Personality Traits on Coping and Well-BeingLeung, Patricia Mong Sze (梁夢詩)
Mar-201121 years afterLo, Chun Yip (盧鎮業)
Oct-2012The 21st Century Board: What is an Effective Board?Wong, Sardonna Ka Yi (黃嘉怡); Chan, Ken Wai Kit (陳偉傑)
Jun-20153 in 1 utensilCheung, Hoi Kei (張凱琪)
20143-APTES modified graphene oxide strengthened dissolving polymer microneedle arrays for transdermal deliveryNg, Chung Chung (伍聰聰)
6-Jan-20173-D Immersive Display for Enhancing Teaching on Principles of Fission ReactorsChieng, Ching Chang
20153-D Transmitting Coil Structure with One Parallel Transformer CoilGungor, Abdulmecit
2013300 GHz Planar Antenna Element with Backed CavityTong, Wai Kwok
Sep-201432 + 4Chan, Hau chun (陳巧真)
20153D Acupressure and Electronic Acupressure Android AppLau, Yuen Mei
20163D Acupressure and Electronic Acupressure Application (iOS)Wu, Cheuk Hon
20163D Acupuncture Apps by unity 3DChan, Gloria Po Wing
20033D bilaterally symmetric object shape recovery by shadingChoi, Ming Tak
20023D human modeling and animationMok, Lin Leung
20053D karate fighting gameTse, Chiu Yung
20103D model reconstructionChan, Chi Shing
20053D model retrieval by shape similarityKuet, Yik Ho
20073D model search engineHo, Kin Hing
20053D motion capturing device with Bluetooth - ILiu, Ying Shun