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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Karma in Asian religionsNambiar, Melanie Patricia
2011Kernel and spectral methods for representation and learning in image understandingLu, Zhiwu ( 盧志武)
2012Kernel-based algorithms in statistical learning theoryFeng, Yunlong (馮雲龍)
2010Kernel based meshless method for solving ill-posed and large scale problemsLi, Ming (李明)
2014Key determinants of the debt decisions of equity REITs : an exploratory analysis of Asia Pacific REITs debt structures with a focus on sponsors, external management, and the impact of financial crisis : evidence from Japan, Singapore, and AustraliaKaul, Mayank (0)
2002Key distribution in Public-Key cryptography for network securityLee, Chi Lun
Mar-2005Kill ALTsui, Ka Hei; Chan, Siu Chung; Tsui, Ka Long
2013Kinect based Virtual Dressing SystemTang, Xiaowu
2012Kinetics and mechanism of the Pb²⁺-modulated G-quadruplex formation and the generation of active oxo species from a ruthenium (II) complexLiu, Wei (刘伟)
2015Kinetics and mechanisms of some redox reactions of nitridoruthenium(VI) and nitridoosmium(VI) complexes bearing a salen ligand in aqueous solutionsWang, Qian (王倩)
2008Kinetics and mechanisms of some redox reactions of trans-dioxoruthenium(VI) complexes bearing macrocyclic tertiary amine ligands and a nitridoruthenium(VI) complex bearing a salen ligandWang, Yining (王怡寧)
2015Kinetics and mechanisms of the reaction of a (salen)ruthenium(VI) nitrido complex and ferrate(VI) with some organic substratesXie, Jianhui (謝建暉)
1995Kinetics and mechanisms of the reduction of trans-dioxoruthenium (VI) by some inorganic substratesLau, Kent Wan-chuen (劉雲泉)
2007Knowledge acquisition and verification for XML data modellingTang, Lai Ping
2003Knowledge and web based timetabling systemLam, Sau Yin
2013Knowledge conversion in MMOG : examining the roles of motivational profile and mutualistic co-presenceKong, Siu Lung (江兆龍)
2015Knowledge development capacity and product development capability as antecedents of supplier integration in new product developmentLai, Yuk Chee (黎育智)
2010Knowledge driven data mining for causal relationships between news and financial instrumentsWang, Shanshan (王珊珊)
2007A knowledge framework for dynamic vulnerability assessment in information risk managementLiu, Shuangyan (劉雙燕)
2010Knowledge integration in teams : a systematic knowledge processing perspectiveZhang, Yixiang (張毅祥)

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