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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Surface modification of semiconductor nanocrystals and their applications in photovoltaic cellsChen, Zhenhua ( 陳振華)
2004Surface modifications on NiTi shape memory alloys in order to improve their surface anti-corrosion capabilities and impede the out-diffusion of Ni from NiTi substrate in simulated body fluidPoon, Wai Yip (潘偉業)
2005Surface properties of copper-based bulk metallic glassesTam, Chi Yan (譚智仁)
2012Surfing notesHe, Sisi
2005Surveillance system using 3G mobile phoneChan, Yat Sun
2011A survey of contact wire wear parameters and the development of a model to predict wire wear by using the artifical neural networkShing, Wai Chung ( 盛偉忠)
2007Survival mixture models for credit risk analysisMo, Shek Fung (巫碩峰)
2005Survival strategies of common carp, cyprinus carpio, during prolonged starvation and hypoxiaHung, Ching Yee (洪靜怡)
2013Sustainable development: Why gender mattersWong, Oi Mei (王愛媚)
2007Sustainable Packaging for Maxim's FastfoodChan, Esther So sum (陳素心)
2008Symbolic melodic similarity using proportional transportation distanceLeung, Ho Man
Aug-2005Symbol recognition using bipartite transformation distance and angular distribution alignmentFeng, Min; Zhang, Wan; Liu, Wenyin
2012Symbol synchronization in OFDMCheung, Chi Ho (張志豪)
2008Symmetric incentive compatible auctions, inter-temporal auctions and coordination among multiple auctionsSun, Wei (孫為)
2007Symplectic elasticity approach for exact bending solutions of rectangular thin platesCui, Shuang (崔爽)
2007Symplectic methods for intelligent devices and singularity problemsZheng, Jianjun (鄭建軍)
2009Synchronization analysis and control for complex dynamical networksLu, Jianquan (盧劍權)
2009Synchronization analysis of polytopic complex dynamical networkHuang, Chi (黃遲)
2010Synchronization and consensus analysis of complex networksXiong, Wenjun ( 熊文軍)
2007Synchronization and interference suppression for OFDM based wireless communicationsAi, Si (艾思)

Showing results 3260 to 3279 of 3702 < previous   next >


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